Health Insurance

Del Greco Agencies offers individual health insurance plans that protect you and your family. We offer a variety of affordable health plans designed to fit your individual health insurance needs.

We offer expert knowledge and advice on a variety of insurance companies and their products designed to meet your individual, family and business needs. Because various insurance carriers and underwriters assess customer eligibility in a variety of ways, it is important to have a company that is looking out for your best interest and understands the best options for you.

Common Health Insurance Terms

  • Deductible– The amount of money you pay toward medical bills before your insurance coverage begins
  • Co-pay– A specified amount of money you pay upfront for doctor visits and prescription refills.
  • Coinsurance– The percentage of medical bills you pay after meeting the deductible.
  • Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) offer access to an extensive network of participating physicians, hospitals and other health care professionals and facilities. You choose a primary care doctor from a list provided by the HMO and this doctor coordinates your health care. You must contact your primary care doctor to be referred to a specialist. Generally, you pay fewer out-of-pocket expenses with an HMO, but you are often charged a fee or co-payment for services such as doctor visits or prescriptions.
  • Point-of-Service (POS) plans are an indemnity-type option in which the primary care doctors in the POS plan usually make referrals to other providers within the plan. If a doctor makes a referral out of the plan, the plan pays all or most of the bill. However, if you refer yourself to an outside provider, the service is covered by the plan, but you will be required to pay co-insurance.
  • Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) charge on a fee-for-service basis. The participating doctors, hospitals and health care providers are paid by the insurer on a negotiated, discounted fee schedule. Costs are lower if you use in-network healthcare services, but you have the option of going out-of-network. If you choose an out-of-network provider, you are generally required to pay the difference between what the provider charges and what the plan pays.